Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Most Brilliant Man In The World!

Move over Steven Hawking because there's a new genius in town and it's this guy. Who'da thunk that the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings would turn out to be a genius? In case you are just returning from Mars, the Vikes signed Brett Favre to a 2 year $25 Million deal. Yes, yes, yes we're all tired of the back and forth, he's retired, no he's returning, no, really- he's retired, guess who's back routine. So can't we all breathe a collective sigh of relief and start to get excited about the upcoming footbaw* season? Yes, we know everyone in the state of Wisconsin thinks that he's a traitor... get over it. Here are the reasons that this move is arguably one of the best decisions the Vikings have ever made, ever.
  1. First and foremost, the Minnesota Vikings franchise is a business. They exist to make money. How do you make money? You generate interest in your product. There is arguably no greater talent to have filled the QB spot in pro football since the sport's inception (Tom Brady aside, barring a career ending injury). Add to the mix that his former home for 16 seasons is now in inter-division rival and you've got a thrilla waiting to happen!
  2. The Vikings only real weakness was in the QB position. They had to sign a Free Agent quarterback at the last second to fill the shoes of an injured Tavaris Jackson last year. Their assumed starter for the 2009-2010 season (pre-Favre) was Sage Rosenfels, a guy who didn't get his first regular starting gig until his 8th year in the league. Vikings needed some serious QB help.
  3. The Vikings run nearly the exact same playbook as the Green Bay Packers. Translation: there will be no uptake time while Favre learns the new plays and offense. It's a perfect transition for both the offensive line and Favre.
  4. It's Brett Freaking Favre!
  5. In Pro Football, you're working with very small time-frames in which to maximize on your talent. Right now the Vikings have all the right players in all the right positions to maximize on their talent and take this ship all the way to the game in February.

Say what you want to about Favre's legacy or his indecisiveness. Say what you want about the effect on the mental state of the two other quarterbacks in Minneapolis. Even say what you want about the guy's suspicious timing and missing out on camp. At the end of the day, this was the right call and Brad Childress is a brilliant guy for making it happen.

*Term stolen from Paul.

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