Saturday, July 25, 2009

54% of Americans Still Too Dumb to Breathe On Their Own.

H/T to HotAir

Rasmussen is reporting in a recent poll that 54% of Americans still blame George Bush for our current Economic situation... Seriously, sometimes I just want to pack it all in and hang myself by my scrotum from a tree, as I believe that would be less painful than dealing with these 54% of Americans, but I digress. In another poll, roughly the same percentage of those surveyed state that they look at the toilet paper after they wipe... coincidence?!

Help me out here... which President wanted their legacy to include the greatest increase in minority homeowners in spite of the risk of increased loan defaults? Which President's Justice Department threatened banks with investigation if they did not increase the number of home loans to at risk (read: minority) borrowers? Which President recently flushed $1.3 Trillion down the toilet?

The answer? NOT BUSH!

Which Congressional Members denied there was inherent risks in allowing Fannie May and Freddie Mac to continue the sub-prime loan insuring? Which Congressional Members got sweet heart deals from Lenders for homes for themselves? Which (gay) Congressional Member got their boyfriend a sweet executive position at one of the GSO's? Which Congressional Members recently passed a jobs killing Minimum Wage increase?


Okay, so where and how does blame land on Bush's shoulders?

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