Thursday, July 23, 2009


This picture of Obama's new Health Care Czar brought to you by the good people at The People's Cube

I didn't waste my time watching PeeBo drone on about his post-partisaniness, or how he has so far t go on the economy because Bush didn't tell him the whole truth or how the Pork-a-palooza is such a great success. I'm sure he made some asinine statement about how his plan for Socialized Medicine, a.k.a. government health care, isn't the only thing out there and he fully intends on having a full debate. He probably said something about listening to both sides on the issue, but that he wants Congress to hurry up and git 'er done before the August recess. Did I nail it?! Yeah, I'm good like that.

Well, and I know this is going to shock you, he lied. No, seriously. When a democrat or 'progressive' tells you that they are interested in debate or looking at both sides in a political issue they are blowin' sunshine up your skirt. Don't believe me? Let's see how Teh Speekar of teh Howss Nancee Belagosi handles 'debate.'

Sooo, PeeBo says he wants debate, after he says the time for talking is over... He was agin' it before he was for it. And he says that democratics are open to ideas from both sides, but House democratics are blocking the GOP from sending out a mailer regarding health care to their constituencies... Hmm, you smell something? I live not too terribly far away from a diary, and it's a very similar smell...

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