Tuesday, July 28, 2009

GOP Knows Obamacare Better Than Dems

Image via Bloomberg
Shocker... No one is surprised to learn that the party who crafted the Obamacare bill is ill-informed as to its contents. What's surprising is that a media outlet is telling you that the Republicans know more about the bill than the Democratards.

Here's essentially what's gone down: Dems craft Obamacare legislation and call it QAHCAA for some unknown reason. Next, they tell the members of the party to go out an push the bill promising that it fulfills every wet dream nanny-state fantasy a good young communist has ever thought of. Dem congressional representatives rush to the microphones and constituents and champion the bill they haven't read. Finally, after being made to look like the idiots they are, the congressional representatives go back and ask for clarification on what's actually in the bill.

Meanwhile, Republicans actually sat down and read the steaming pile of QAHCAA. They obviously read and understand 'The Art of War,' or at least the old adage 'Know Thine Enemy!'

Want proof they haven't actually read the bill and are going off the word of party leaders? Just take a look at this.

Very few in Washington have any credibility. Even fewer have credibility on health care and the QAHCAA bill, especially the Democratards.

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