Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Veteran Flys Flag Until Son Returns Safely

A Fresno man is refusing to take down a tattered flag until his son returns home from his tour of duty in Iraq. Louis Haros, a Vietnam Veteran, says that he made a promise to his son to fly the flag until the he returned safely.
"I made a promise to him that it won't come down until he's home," Haros told FOXNews.com on Tuesday. "Well, it's still there. I feel if I bring it down and something happens to him … I don't know."

This has become an issue in the neighborhood in which Haros resides. He is receiving a lot of pressure to bring the flag down, and replace it with a new flag.

Recently, there was a discussion over at Paul's place regarding flag etiquette. I'm torn on this issue. I can understand respecting the flag and the symbolism involved, but this isn't about disrespect. This is about honor and love for country and love for family.

What say you?

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Matt Winchester on February 1, 2010 at 6:53 PM said...

I am not torn at all about this, as it is respecting our flag in the most poignant way possible. Our flag doesn't exist as a symbol of merely a country but a set of ideals; flying the flag like this is celebrating those things which have made us great- Duty, Honor, Loyalty. I would rather see a man fly the flag for these things than see it in front of a union headquarters any day.

Matt Winchester

classicaliberal on February 1, 2010 at 10:57 PM said...


Thanks for stopping by. The flag is a symbol of this great country and the blood shed to keep it. Flags have been flown in honor of many who serve and for many occasions. I find no dishonor in flying this flag until his son returns. The man that sheds his blood in defense of this nation and our flag can be honored and remembered in whatever method he chooses.

I am with you, raise the flag and honor it's meaning. The condition notwithstanding, this man honors the meaning of our banner. He does not use it as a shield to hide behind but offers his life in defense of it.

Raise that banner high.


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