Friday, September 25, 2009

Bush Administration Stance Toward Iran Vindicated

I remember December of 2007. I remember that every libtard in the country was walking around with freshly wet pants caused by their excitement over the National Intelligence Estimate for Iranian Nuclear Weapons Capability which concluded with a high level of certainty that Iran had abandoned it's aspirations for a nuclear weapon in 2003. And also concluded even if Iran restarted the program, it would be nearly impossible for them to generate a weapon in less than 5-10 years.

I remember every dinosaur media outlet in the country bumping every other major story at the time to headline that Bush had lied about Iran's nuclear capabilities, and had used his strong rhetoric to galvanize the citizens of America into crazed jingoism so that they would support his calls for military action against Iran.

I remember that Bush lied and Ahmadinnerjacket cried. I remember that Bush was defensive about his stance on Iran.

Well, now we know the truth... That Bush guy was a moron! Wait, what? Whadduya mean, 'he was right?!' So Iran didn't abandon their weapons program? Are you sure? Damn, he was right. Sigh.

Turns out that that NIE report was as fake as the picture above. It seems that in this flurry of news coming out regarding Iran's real nuclear capabilities that the dinosaur media has forgotten their own incompetence in reporting the findings of the NIE uncritically. We know that the dinosaur media never highlighted that the NIE's authors included 3 "hyper-partisan anti-Bush officials". It also turns out that Western Intel has known about the program and the supposedly secret site for years.

Media mea culpa in 3...2...Wait, it's the media. Nevermind.

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