Friday, October 16, 2009

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other...

The Teacher and The Student.

Communist News Network posted an article regarding the Anita Dunn controversy. If you're not up to speed on who Anita Dunn is, read all about it and watch the video below.

Now that you know some background, CNN attempted to defend Anita Dunn, offering her claim "The use of the phrase 'favorite political philosophers' was intended as irony, but clearly the effort fell flat -- at least with a certain Fox commentator whose sense of irony may be missing.". Here are some especially interesting quotes from the article. See if you find anything interesting:
Dunn, taped in a speech in what appears to be a church, said the leader's philosophies were a guidepost for her own strategy on politics. She also praised the philosophy used by religious icon Mother Teresa.

"The third lesson and tip actually comes from two of my favorite political philosophers: Mao Tse-tung and Mother Theresa -- not often coupled with each other, but the two people I turn to most to basically deliver a simple point which is 'you're going to make choices; you're going to challenge; you're going to say why not; you're going to figure out how to do things that have never been done before."
And here's the second part.
Media Matters for America, a liberal media watchdog group, points out that former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, also a Fox News contributor, quoted Mao in a 1995 Roll Call profile.

"War is politics with blood; politics is war without blood," Gingrich said, citing Mao.

Karl Rove, another Fox News contributor, wrote in a December 2008 Wall Street Journal op-ed that President Bush "encouraged me to read a Mao biography."
Notice any difference between the two? Sure, there's the obvious trying to drag republicans down by tying them in with the source of the controversy, in this case Mao. However, there seems to be a major difference between quoting Mao and stating that he is one of your two favorite political philosophers. Sorry CNN & Media Matters, not the same. Nice try though, fools.

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2 People Have Had Their Say:

ChristinaJade on October 17, 2009 at 11:24 AM said...

Since I was (of course) watching Glenn when he played the video, I have to ask why she just didn't pick up the phone and call him and explain herself right then. Of course, I know the answer to that, it took that long to find someone to blame it on, and she had to resort to blaming a dead guy.

And then there is the issue of that nervous tongue thing she does while speaking, which renders me unable to actually WATCH the video, I just have to listen. Yes, I let little things bother me. :)

Skunkfeathers on October 19, 2009 at 7:27 AM said...

I watched the video on Glenn Beck (he happened to be on at a moment I was actually able to see it). She condemned herself in her own words of adulation for her marxist hero. Period.


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