Tuesday, January 26, 2010

At What Point Do We Call Him A Racist Murdering Bastard?

Yeah, I know... It's been like forever, so quit acting like you're truly hurt that I haven't blogged, and I'll quit acting like this was ever anything serious to start with. Deal? Sweet.

So, on to the point of this here blarg post. I was reading a little about on of the left's most treasured individuals of the 20th century last week, and ran across some not so surprising stuff. First, before you go any further, if you have not read Humberto Fontova's review of Steven Soderbergh's Che, go read it right now. I will wait here. Please hurry, I kinda have to pee. I think it's this bottle of wine I'm drinking. Are you done yet? Jeezus, I'm going to wet my pants! Ooohoohoo, lalala, ebebebebe. Yes, this actually makes it better. Don't act like you don't do the pee pee dance when you have to go. Alright, your turn to wait.

The only picture of Che Guevara worthy to be shown.

OMG, do I feel better. And look who else is done now. How convenient. Shall we continue? Are you certain? Fantastic, let's go.

Okay, so now you've figured out that this post is about Ernesto Che Guevara. Che, as he is most often called, was marxist reformer who attempted to spread socialism and communism across the world. While he was only moderately successful at this feat, he was much more accomplished at racism and murder. What kind of a man was Che? Well, let's take a look. Why don't we start with the views of the progressive left's favorite T-Shirt icon on Black people?

From The African Dream: The diaries of the Revolutionary War in the Congo, author Patrick Camiller quotes Che:

"Given the prevailing lack of discipline, it would have been impossible to use [Black] Congolese machine-gunners to defend the base from air attack: they did not know how to handle their weapons and did not want to learn,"

And in his autobiography, The Motorcycle Diaries:

"The blacks, those magnificent examples of the African race who have maintained their racial purity thanks to their lack of an affinity with bathing, have seen their territory invaded by a new kind of slave: the Portuguese."

"The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations."

So, here we have a mass murdering, racist, homophobe who has become not just an idol, but an icon of the left in this country. Their justification seems to be his humanitarian efforts, and his medical work with the people of Guatemala. How many humanitarians you know that have murdered 180 people? So, now we arrive at my blog post title, At what point do we call him a racist, murdering bastard?

Here are some libtards trying to justify some of Che's more racist quotes. Here is another lefty blog running to Che's rescue, without any source material to refute claims which the author finds abhorrent. To them, I have this to say:

Should you have any doubts about how Che felt about Mexicans, Americans, Blacks, Jews or Homosexuals, read HIS fucking words, mmkay?

I think we're finally there. Che Guevara is a racist, murdering bastard. There, I feel so much better.

I hope that you have had opportunity to watch Revolutionary Holocaust in it's entirety. However, Part 3 of 5 starting at the 6:27 mark is quite relevant, wouldn't you say?

Continued in part 4 of 5:

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2 People Have Had Their Say:

Skunkfeathers on January 27, 2010 at 6:05 AM said...

Doing little more than just a cursory review of whom the libtards idolize and honor, tells a reasonable, educated soul about all one needs to know about the virtues of libtardism.

There are none ;)

classicaliberal on January 27, 2010 at 8:35 PM said...

Its like anything else liberals hold dear, once its placed under the light of discernment and integrity it vanishes as if into thin air.


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