Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chauvinistic Society Refuses To Pay Women Equally... Or Something

If you ever have the misfortune to get into a conversation with a liberal, one of the things that they are likely to bring up, now that we never have to talk about health care again, is equal pay for equal work, or more specifically, equal pay for women. You see, in our highly chauvinistic society, we value the work produced by a man more than that of a woman, regardless of quality. This of course is because we a are a backward, racist, sexist and homophobic society which needs government intervention at all levels in order to insure that every thing is fair.

Often cited by unthinking liberals when arguing the lessor points of gender pay equality is the raw gender wage gap between men and women in the workplace which stands at 20.4 percent, currently. There, of course, is no logical explanation for this, except that we are a male centric society which degrades women. Or, maybe these reasons:
1. A greater percentage of women than men tend to work part-time. Part-time work tends to pay less than full-time work.

2. A greater percentage of women than men tend to leave the labor force for child birth, child care and elder care. Some of the wage gap is explained by the percentage of women who were not in the labor force during previous years, the age of women, and the number of children in the home.

3. Women, especially working mothers, tend to value “family friendly” workplace policies more than men. Some of the wage gap is explained by industry and occupation, particularly, the percentage of women who work in the industry and occupation.
Be sure to read them all, and make sure to catch the money shot which is the result of the statistical study as to why the raw gender wage gap should never be considered when determining the real wage gap between men and women in the work place.

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