Monday, March 8, 2010

SARAH PALIN SAYS F*@# YOU! or something...

Fair warning. I am in a funk and my writing will reflect that. I seem to have taken off my razor sharp wit and drippy sarcasm before I went to bed last night and have yet to find it this morning. My apologies...
In today's example of leftist morons, we have a real winner. This esteemed libtard goes by the name of Kagro X, aka David Waldman. Not that David Waldman, this one:

Yes, so brilliant is this man, that he calls his wife an idiot who betrayed her own kind by starting the propagandist outlet of Fox News, and he admits to torturing his children all on his public profile at DKos.

Anyway, on to the real reason for the post. It should not surprise anyone at this point that leftists and progressives have no morals. It should not surprise anyone that they are so invested in a thought process that they will damn all evidence to the contrary to forward their bilk. Although it could be implied in the last sentence, I am not speaking of Global Warming, Healthcare; per se, Minimum Wage, Gay Rights, ACORN, Second Hand Smoke or any typical lefty talking point du jour. Well, okay, maybe just one lefty talking point. You know the one about Sarah Palin being a foaming at the mouth mental midget? Seems, David X accuses Palin of telling everyone else to screw off after she got hers. True story, well sort of...

See! It says so, right there in the headline. Sarah Palin, apparently, is a fan of Socialized Medicine when she needs to use it, but "f*@#" the rest of y'all.

There's only one minor, teensy weensy little detail that David X forgot to check out before he hammered Palin. See, according to Palin, they were going across the border into Canada to get medical help in "the 60's," however, Yukon didn't begin Socialized Healthcare until 1972. Hmm, I'm pretty sure that "the 60's" and 1972 are different decades, but I might be off. I'll go ahead and defer to Barack "57 States" Obama on that one.

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