Thursday, March 18, 2010

Inevitable End To Constitutional Abortion

The Hill has the story:
In a 222-203 vote, Democrats beat back a GOP resolution offered by Democrat-turned-Republican Rep. Parker Griffith (Ala.) that would have forced lawmakers to vote on the Senate healthcare bill separately from the series of fixes they hope to make to that legislation.

All Republican lawmakers who voted opposed the measure, which had the effect of ending the GOP's effort to force a vote. They were joined by 28 Democrats, who broke with party members on the vote.

Two hundred and twenty-two Democrats supported the measure, though — enough to proceed. Three members of either party did not vote.

Michelle Malkin has the blow by blow:
You’ll recall that House Republicans unveiled a resolution two days ago that would force a vote on the Slaughter Solution and call out the Deem-and-Pass-ocrats.

The vote on that resolution had been anticipated at around 12:30-1pm Eastern this afternoon. The time came and went.


Final vote 222-203 with six not voting. Remember in November.
Michelle also has a roll call of the votes.

Sounds to me as though it's time to flood congressional offices with another mail in item. Perhaps, we should send them copies of the constitution since they seem to be unfamiliar with it? Here is a website where you can order copies of the US Constitution for $1.00 or less plus shipping and handling, depending upon copies ordered. We've shut down the phone board, now it's time to clog the Congressional mail room. Make them know we are serious!

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