Thursday, March 25, 2010

So You're Saying Hump Day Is Over?!

Howdee ho, kids! Yeah, I promised I'd be back yesterday and well, I didn't make it so I guess that makes me a filthy stinking liar. But, in my defense, it was the best 48 hours in an out of a hospital that I can ever recall. Anywho, The Mayor was kind enough to mention me in his Hump Day Hottie post, as a sort of chiding to get me to post something already. Unfortunately, my Hump Day Hottie post is going to be a day late and a dollar-- wait, what the hell is a dollar even worth anymore?! So, we'll just agree to forget that I missed Wednesday and get on with our lives. I should be around today, but my afternoon is booked. We'll see how she blo--uh, that is to say, how she goes.

By the way, did you know that Naomi backwards is I moan? Yeah, me too. Well, it was worth a shot. So, here you go, Tricia Helfer.

Hump Day, it's not. However, a hottie she is. You're welcome

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