Friday, March 19, 2010

The White House Bribes Another Congressman

Bart Gordon and friend check out Bart's new digs.

And in other news, grass is, in fact green.

Via Instapundit:
Bart Gordon promised a job as NASA Administrator for Health Care vote?
Rand Simberg is not a Bart Gordon fan.

If true, this has at least two implications. First, the administration is willing to throw Charlie Bolden under the bus. Second, they’re also willing to throw the new plans for NASA under the bus for health care, because Gordon (who just happens to be the relevant committee chairman) has expressed skepticism about them.

There’s also a rumor that another retiring Tennessee Rep., John Tanner, has been promised a job as Ambassador to NATO. I wonder if Republicans in the Senate will interfere with appointments like this? I’d say so.
The Transterrestrial Musings post quotes from this Human Events Post.
Most interesting rumor from the Hill yesterday: Rep. Bart Gordon (D-Tenn.) who announced his retirement from Congress has been promised the job of NASA administrator in exchange for his vote, and Rep. John Tanner (D-Tenn.), another retiring Democrat, has been promised an appointment as U.S. Ambassador to NATO in exchange for his vote.
Glenn is reporting that Gordon has announced he is now a 'Yes' vote on the bill.

But shhhh! It's a secret par for the course. So much so, that no one is even attempting to hide it.

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