Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Contributor

It's hard to believe that it's been 9 months since my first post here at IACLAYST. I can remember back then that we were suffering under the leadership of the first truly moron President in history, unemployment was near 10%, the people were staging protests against the socialistic nature of the government, banks were failing and so on. My how things have changed. During this time there has been an intensification of the effort by many on the left to paint free market capitalism as an evil, and as being responsible for the financial mess that we are in now. I've struggled with how to address this and how to remind people that it is because of this nation and our economic situation that we've experienced the growths wealth and freedom as well as the medical breakthroughs that we have.

I just so happens that during this time, I was also rekindling a friendship with one of the men who has been a teacher to me.  He is one of those who taught me how our free market system works, and why it is superior to any other economic system in the world. When I shared with him my blogging efforts, and asked for his input, he decided that he would guest author a few posts from time to time about economic issues. In his desire to keep a low profile, he chose a pseudonym which I think is quite apt. Keep a look out for some upcoming guest posts from our new contributor, Jean Baptiste Say.

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