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Why Republicans Are Subject To Wandering In the Desert

From my recent blog post at the Bakersfield Californian.
Why you should not support Ken Mettler in his campaign to get elected to the California Assembly, 32nd District.

I began hearing about Ken Mettler a few years ago, and liked some of what I had heard. He was passionate about Proposition 8, even getting physical defending campaign signs from an opponent who was stealing them. I’d also heard him on the radio, and he really seemed to be a strong conservative with a passionate message. Recently, however, several things that Mr. Mettler has done or said have concerned me greatly, so much so that I am reaching out to those who support him.

Mr. Mettler has been at odds with some of the members of the local conservative community, even choosing to conduct opposition research on Zack Scrivner whom Mr. Mettler believed would run against him for the Assembly Seat. Mr. Scrivner ultimately did not run against Mr. Mettler . As you may have read in the paper, Mr. Mettler is now being investigated for improperly using Republican Assembly of Kern County (RAKC) monies to conduct that research. Mr. Mettler is also accused of improperly using RAKC monies to pay for his defense in the civil suit brought by the individual who was assaulted during the Proposition 8 scuffle.

That's right, Mettler, hide behind your kid...

It has been revealed recently, Mr. Mettler encouraged candidate Shannon Holloway to enter into the race for the 32nd Assembly as ‘political strategy’, a charge which Mettler has both denied and then more recently confirmed. Holloway recently dropped out of the race, however, her name will still appear on the ballot. Apparently, Mr. Mettler is incapable of winning on his message alone, so he must use the political strategy of adding another person with the name of Shannon to the race, in the hopes of drawing votes away from his opponent Shannon Grove. Mr. Mettler's response was not to defend his actions, but instead attempt to refocus the conversation from his highly questionable tactics to the actual leaking of the emails which broke the story. If you can't defend your actions, diversion is always a good second option.

I have been friendly with members of the Kern County Young Republicans (KCYRs) for just over a year. Since befriending those individuals, I have in turn met many more great YRs including christians, young professionals as well as upcoming community leaders. They are hard working young people who seek to advance conservative principles in Kern County, the state and across the nation. In December of 2009 an election was held within the California Young Republicans (CYRs) causing a dispute over the proper leadership of the group which has now led to arbitration. When Mr. Mettler addressed the KCYRs during their April meeting, he was made aware of the leadership dispute within the California club and asked not to accept any endorsement by the CYRs, as it was also a violation of the club’s bylaws for the state group to endorse a local candidate. Mr. Mettler, however, refused, announcing the same week, via his Facebook account, that he’d received an endorsement from the CYRs.
"The California Young Republicans have endorsed Ken Mettler, Conservative for Assembly."
When Andy Stanley, the recently elected Chairman of the CYRs questioned and attempted to correct the announcement, his comments were deleted from Ken Mettler’s Facebook page. When another Kern Young Republican asked Ken what was going on, their comments were deleted as well. The Young Republican is reporting that they were subsequently ‘unfriended’ by Ken Mettler who later went on to describe the endorsement as being from the ‘legitimate CYR group’.

The Announcement of the Improper CYR Endorsement

During his address to the Young Republicans, he was also questioned over the statement that he was ‘embarrassed’ of the Kern club (see his March 14th Facebook post).
"The GOP state convention. Lots of good work uniting volunteer groups (though opposed by a few GOP staffers from Kern Co..... embarrassing)"
No, Mettler, it's you who's embarrassing.

The "GOP staffers from Kern County" are members of the KCYRs. Mr. Mettler first denied that the comment existed, then when pressed, denied writing the comment but instead claimed was written by someone else. So concerned with this message on his Facebook wall was Mr. Mettler that he went right back to his office and took no action regarding the post. The comment was still up as of the writing of this post.

Mr. Mettler has engaged in talking out of both sides of his mouth, questionable financial dealings and questionable ethics. What does it say about a man who cannot address dissent and correction, but must instead cover them up and act as if they never happened? If this is the type of behavior that Mr. Mettler is engaging in prior to the election, just what is he going to do when he’s in office?
I do not know, nor have I ever met Shannon Grove, and I am not asking you to vote for her. You must judge her record and her actions for yourself. I am, however, asking you not to vote for Ken Mettler. California cannot abide another politician in the mold of Mr. Mettler.

Ken Mettler is one of two candidates running for California's 32nd Assembly seat. He is seen, at this point, to be the leader in the race. Since the end of March, however, several damaging stories including some of those above, have come out. Ken Mettler is a politician of the worst kind, using undue influence to sway the outcome of his political race and being caught recklessly using PAC funds. Shame on Ken Mettler, and anyone who votes for him choosing to overlook his failings.

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2 People Have Had Their Say:

Skunkfeathers on April 26, 2010 at 8:10 PM said...

Ain't politics wunnerful? Sounds like Ken Mettler is a Barry-regime or Bela Pelosi plant on the Republicans, to discredit them.

OR, he's just a moron that happened to register Republican.

Much as we wish it were so, the libtards don't have a total corner on political morons.

classicaliberal on April 26, 2010 at 8:18 PM said...

He's just a moron who happened to register Republican.

The sad thing is that he and his followers are slandering good people accusing them of all manner of things to deflect the criticism against Ken Mettler. If Ken truly stood for what he says, he'd withdraw from the race.


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