Monday, April 5, 2010

Why We Can't Have Nice Things

California's best days are behind her unless drastic action is taken

California leads the nation in self-spiting, anti-business, nonsensical legislation. Leading the charge in our effort to completely destroy anyone's reason for living and working in California is the Air Resources Board, an unelected board of officials who have the ability to set and enforce regulations on air quality. Ask any truck driver about SCR, Urea, DPF's or any other emissions equipment and you're liable to get an earful about CARB.

Four years ago, California passed legislation lead by CARB to force oil refineries, manufacturers, cement plants, utilities and other businesses to cut carbon emissions by 30%, or, in other words, to pre-1990 levels. The legislation was hailed by anti-growth, business hating, global warming advocates across the US as a model for slashing greenhouse gasses. Even though the greenhouse effect assertion is nothing more than a lie.

Fast forward to 2010. California is leading the nation in state budget deficits and it's bleeding individual and corporate tax payers. However, California is also facing an upcoming gubernatorial election which will prove to be a referendum on green policies and the progressive agenda. There has always been a large segment of the state that was against the legislation, but now that there is a full blown depression, the effort to take down the law is gaining traction. Republican candidate Meg Whitman has said on her first day in office as Governor she would suspend the legislation. However, there are still people and non-elected officials within the state who want to move forward with the job killing, business destroying legislation. I know, you're completely shocked...

Until the California Air Resources Board is disbanded, and common sense solutions are applied to problems (yes, even pollution) the state and nation face, we will be enslaved to a cycle where the highest and often best tax payers are the target of draconian legislation, ultimately prompting them to relocate to somewhere more tax friendly.

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2 People Have Had Their Say:

Andy on April 5, 2010 at 1:23 PM said...

CL, the ballot initiative is getting a good bit of play around the internet. I've read a couple of posts today.

It's those "evil" Texans pumping in the money. Maybe that's why Cali is emptying out Eastward.

Man, reading some of the quotes from California legislators is enough to make you guffaw, or cry. Y'all are up crap's creek. But, I remember the old tax revolt days in California. Anything is possible.

Of course, the demographics have changed, and the State as a whole is more lib than then. But, when Mr. Wolf comes to the door, even libs don't want to deal with him. So, there is yet a ray of hope...for change.

classicaliberal on April 5, 2010 at 1:26 PM said...

California is more prone to depression, recession, economic downturn and complete unadulterated idiocy than most any other place in the world. Until the libtards that are in power are shown the gallows or the door, CA will always be the Moron State. I am ever hopeful that we'll relocate to another, less idiotic state someday soon. It is as a result of these asinine 'laws' that I am unemployed.


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