Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Local GOP Committee Urged To Investigate


After accusations of mishandling of funds, and the disbanding of a local conservative group, the GOP Central Committee was asked to investigate allegations of wrong doing.

Martin Bertram, immediate past president of the Republican Assembly of Kern County, has asked the Kern County GOP Central Committee to investigate the actions of prior president Ken Mettler. Mettler has been accused of misusing group funds to pay for non-club related expenses. Mettler, who was reportedly in attendance, objected to the calls for investigation citing the Bakersfield Police Department's announcement that it would not pursue criminal charges, and the California Republican Assembly's internal investigation which cleared Mettler of wrong doing. In response, Bertram pointed out that the BPD investigation cleared Mettler of wrong doing, but made no determination whether civil charges should be filed, nor whether Mettler violated the group's bylaws.

Martin Bertram, and other now former RAKC board members allege that the CRA had no interest in determining the specifics of the case, only clearing Mettler, and attempting to save the name of the group from further controversy. It's been alleged that the state group will reconstitute the local club, but fill the board with individuals who are sympathetic to the state group and Ken Mettler.

Reportedly there were not enough executive committee members in attendance at the meeting to vote on whether or not to move forward with an investigation. The executive committee has agreed to review evidence presented by Martin Bertram to determine if there is cause for an investigation.
It's this blogger's opinion that Mettler's dirtier than cattle trailer after a visit to the slaughterhouse. I've posted my account of his behavior previously. It's my hope that the Central Committee decides to move forward, and that Mettler is forced to give up his run for office.

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