Monday, July 27, 2009

Dems Threaten to Short Circuit on Health Care Negotiations

With thanks to Cristi Li!

Democratard Chris Can Hollen (D-Mars) said that negotiations between Dems and the GOP may have to be ceased, citing 'lack of political will.' Translation, 'we don't give a f*&@ what they want.' This congress has the shameful distinction of being one of the few to completely shut out the opposition on helping craft new legislation; i.e. American Reinvestment & Recovery Act. So, why start now?!

Democratards quickly forget that roughly 58,343,671 people voted against their agenda in the last election cycle. That number is rapidly growing; see PeeBo's latest approval index. So when learning of their refusal to negotiate with Republicans, I say 'carry on!.. They are non-negotiating themselves into irrelevancy!

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