Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dicky's first Link Dump (UPDATED) Now with working links, for that extra crispy flavor!

I would like to suggest that we join with other reputable blogs and back Iowahawk for Car Czar.
After all, he is the man with the vision who brought us the 2012 Pelosi GTxi SS/RT Sport Edition.

ZOMG!!1! You’re steam powered RC Car is eating my legs!!! Insert Terminator Skynet joke here…

Anybody out there still want to deny that abortion was championed by liberals to control the black population?! It’s called the Eugenics Movement, look it up.

And you thought the economy was getting better… Sucker! You see the real unemployment rate is far above the 9.5% that the media is fond of throwing out. Unfortunately a part time job counts as a job, and therefore those folks are not counted in the unemployment reports. Tell me, if you went from a full time salaried position to an hourly part time job, are you better off than you were before?

A) Yes, you would be better off. You don’t know what it was like working in that cardboard shredding facility!
B) You would be approximately the same, cause Mervyns didn’t pay managers that much anyway.
C) Hellz to tha no! It’d totally suck, y’all
D) I… am… job
E) None of the above

Another number that seems to be tossed about lightly is the unemployment claims. Recently US Garbage and World Whatever reported that initial unemployment claims dropped, touting it as a good economic indicator. The problem is IT’S NOT! Why are unemployment claims a poor economic indicator? Well, because it does not account for folks who were in full time positions who are now working part time, or the self employed. Remember all those real estate agents that were running around making a million bucks in commission every week? They were/are self employed, baby. They are not eligible for unemployment and are therefore not counted in the new claims numbers.

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