Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Government Efficiency!

Borrowed from Under The Hill
People want to believe that the Government has their best interests in mind. Although they know politicians lie on a minute by minute basis, people want to believe their representatives are telling them the truth. People want the simple answers. People want something new that costs them little to nothing.

I have just given you all the reasons why the support for nationalizing health care is as high as it is. As we all know, the people who give in to the temptations listed above, are naive. You see, the Government already runs 3 major health care programs; Medicare/Medicaid, Veterans Benefits(VA), and Native American health care(IHS). A couple of weeks ago, Ed Morrissey brought to light the perils of the IHS system.

Question, what do you think happens to medical benefits provided by the government in a recession or depression cycle? Let's look at California to see! 'Wait a minute!!! Nobody told me that if we go to a nationalized health care system, in recessionary or depressionary cycles my benefits will get cut!' That's right Sherlock, Government cuts spending in the most cost intensive areas; terminally ill, handicapped, seniors and in CA's case, children.

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