Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tragedy: Preventable Troop Deaths

This one is hard to comprehend, but hopefully with the issuing of this report from the DODIG (Department of Defense, Inspector General), guidelines will be followed, responsible parties will be punished and future lives will be saved.

Apparently there have been multiple troop deaths in the War on Terror as a result of faulty work on the part of contractors and the military's failure to inspect. So what is the correct response to this? Do we arrest Bush and Cheney because obviously they hand picked KBR and directed them to produce faulty work? Do we criminalize all contractors who have ever worked with/for the military, cause we know Haliburton was a contractor and everyone knows how evil they are, right? Do we pull the troops out and bring them home now, because we do not want to waste anymore life at the hands of faulty electrical work in a misguided war?

No. We hold the individuals responsible, period. The commanding officer within the Army who was responsible to ensure that the inspections were carried out should be reprimanded and made to personally apologize to the families of those injured and killed as a result of the negligence on his/her watch. The individual soldiers in the field who were responsible to physically inspect the work should be reprimanded and possibly charged with negligent manslaughter as a result of failing to carry out their mission(s). KBR should be fined, and the monies recovered should go to the families of those soldiers who were killed and injured as a result of the faulty work. Finally, the officer(s) responsible for authorizing the message that was given to the families as the reason for the death of their loved ones, should be court martial-ed. Lying to the family of service members about the manner in which their loved ones died should never be acceptable outside matters of the utmost national security.

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