Friday, July 24, 2009

Minimum Wage Hike = Higher Prices!

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Paul at Mean Ol' Meany has a post about his personal experience with the recently (today) raised federal minimum wage. He also has an extensive post history regarding the truth of minimum wage and it's effect on the economy and business.

The reality is that the argument for a minimum wage is ludicrous. Why is $7.50 an hour an acceptable wage, but $7.25 is not? If $7.25 is unacceptable, why stop at $7.50? Why isn't minimum wage $10/hour or $15/hour or even $1,500/hour?! Why is there an artificial floor and ceiling on the permissible lowest wage that can be paid? Questions libtards cannot answer...

This report is old, but the facts remain true, and if I weren't nearly as lazy as I am, I could link to newer studies which confirm the fact that minimum wage, and specifically raising the minimum wage kills small business and hurts the economy.

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