Monday, July 27, 2009

Steaming Pile of Health Care QAHCAA! (Updated)

(Update) Hot off the presses over at Moonbattery!

Obama singles out Rahmbo and Axlerod in the QAHCAA bill! I thought use of the word 'retarded' was a no no...

Paul at Mean Ol' Meany, someone with more time and patience than common sense, has apparently read the first 200 pages of HR3200. He learned by first hand personal experience (aka doing the research his'self) that the QAHCAA Bill makes it impossible to obtain private insurance after the bill is enacted. Here's what Paul writes:

"From HR3200, page 16, Line 11-16, says that a "Grandfathered" private insurer CANNOT enroll new people into their program after year one. So, if you are NOT in a private plan before year one is over, YOU CAN NEVER GET IN ONE. So, what does that do? It makes private insurance IMPOSSIBLE because they can NEVER sign up new clients. GET IT, MORON?

Plus add to that the fact that private insurers who DO have clients already enrolled in their plans, CAN NEVER INCREASE PREMIUMS WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT."

So essentially, HR3200 makes it impossible for private insurers to enroll new clients after one year from it's enactment date. It also disallows insurers from raising premiums without permission from the FedGov.


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