Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Failure of the Intellectual Justification for 'Multiculturalism'

Homegrown Terrorist
No critically thinking adult can argue that the attack on our uniformed hero's last Thursday was an unprovoked terrorist attack against this great nation. It was a massacre of our defenders in arguably their most weak place.


There exists, predominantly on the political left, the ideal that in order for society perfected, one must rise above the not merely the color of an individual's skin, but also our cultural behaviors. Cultural differences are not to have attention drawn to them, but are instead to be accepted without question, lest you be labeled a racist or intolerant. So strong is the belief that these 'differences' must be overlooked that even to take notice of the obvious distinctions is demonized. This bedrock principle of multiculturalism is now so pervasive within our society that it has invaded our military at the cost of 13 lives and nearly 30 injuries. Make no mistake, this act of terrorism was perpetrated by a jihadist and he was abetted in his murderous rampage by the politically correct culture that now exists within our military structure.

Our society is paralyzed with the thought of being labeled insensitive, or worse getting sued for some trumped up charge of racsim. This paralysis grips not only individuals but companies and government agencies. So unwilling or unable to act were the supervisors within the intelligence community that Nidal Malik Hasan was able to repeatedly attempt to contact Al-Qaeda, pontificate on the heroism of suicide bombers and preach that infidels should be beheaded and have boiling oil poured down their throats in front of peers within the United States Army.

So powerful is the influence of multiculturalism within the intelligence and defense communities of this nation that they are rendered ineffective to the point that we are no safer now than we were on 9/10/2001. Arguably we are much worse off. Blatantly staring us in the face was a declared threat and the FBI and Army turned a blind eye to the danger. Hasan publicly broadcast his terrorist sympathies and with the full knowledge of the FBI attempted to contact our sworn enemy during war time, and yet nothing was done to impede his efforts. Worse yet, the FBI knew of the attempts at contact and willfully turned their eyes away. Diversity has rendered our military ineffectual at discerning threats within their own ranks. It has forced us to become slaves to those we are sworn to defend against.

The 'multiculturalism is a great threat to this country' meme has existed for many years, but now in a very public and publicized way people are able to see why and how the threat will contribute to the destruction of the greatest nation upon the face of this earth.


I cannot argue with Right Girl's analysis on the placement of blame.

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innominatus on November 11, 2009 at 9:34 AM said...

Then there was that general on the news the other day saying that "diversity" is one the Army's greatest assets. Gack.

I'm not so hot about gays serving in the military, but I think they are way less of a problem than radical muslims. With gays we still have "don't ask, don't tell" but with muslims we have "don't ask, don't tell, don't look, don't investigate, don't offend, don't confront, don't reprimand, don't kick their butts out, etc, etc.."

classicaliberal on November 11, 2009 at 9:51 PM said...

It's hard not to believe the decline of America has begun, orchestrated by leftist ideologies and practices. This threat of multiculturalism and tolerance is now the single greatest threat to our security as a nation. It has managed to do what the British, Germans, Italians, French, Spanish, Mexicans, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Iraqis and still others have failed to do which is render our military completely ineffectual to defend us from threats.

God Bless our men and women in uniform, and keep them safe from threats both home and abroad.

Skunkfeathers on November 12, 2009 at 3:22 AM said...

What is happening in America is exactly what Leftists have had wet dreams about for decades. Now with Barry and a marxist-oriented Congress, they believe their erosion of the Constitution is at hand, and what rises from the ashes is a socialist government that tells us how to think, speak, live...as the socialists in power demand that we do.

Start a telling revolt by writing every member of Congress...and follow it with a resounding NO vote in '10. Every damnedocrap thrown out in '10 will be a step on the road to stopping them.

Anonymous said...

Only when the tragic bare facts are presented in such striking shock do people begin to truly understand the pitfalls of socialist ideology. How many nations will repeat this ideological mistake before they realize that when you change the dynamic that made a nation great, you ultimately change the nation. In this case, it is deadly obvious that multicultural ideas turned on us and bit us like a snake. Who promotes these ideas? Are these not the people we need to vote out of office to secure our heritage and national security? In the seconds it took me to type this message, God only knows how many more people entered our country illegally. I am not against immigration, I am against illegal immigration. There is a reason for rules with regards to immigration. Those who enter illegally disregard those rules, begin their adventure into America as a criminal, and think that once here they will simply do as they please. As the suffering of indigenous Americans increases the folly of multiculturalism will become more evident. Immigration without control is not tolerance and diversity, it is ethnic suicide. How foolish I thought they were, only years ago, when I watched a group of Ivy League graduates applaud President Clinton's speech about the rising number of immigrants. What are they teaching them? Is it not to applaud their own ethnic demise. When those who built this nation become the minority, this nation will collapse. The economy is the first thing to fall. I am accused of being a racist because I am of European descent. This is without facts or evidence. But look at my logic... it is not the White people of the world who seek to become citizens of other races civilizations. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Where we are, there is prosperity. Where they are, there is overpopulation, disease, and starvation. To those who continue to illogically promote multiculturalism and mass illegal immigration I only have one message. Enjoy you goddamn swine flu mother fucker. Like an annoying brainwashed fly these people swarm about our heads, attempting to fuck on our faces. How long before we find one another and create a detailed plan for swatting them? Not long. I'm not talking about any specific race, but every idiot who seeks to change the dynamic of what was once a great nation. Without us, you always starve. You have no sense of nationalism, but only an open hateful begging hand. As we feed you, you accuse us of hatred. Is it not more hateful to ride the back of the taxpayer, demand money, and attack them all at the same time. You are parasites. Get the fuck off of me.

I know, I haven't commented in a while. I find that when I save it up, it's more charged and potent. Besides, talk is cheap. Let's begin the process of discussing whom we will vote out of office. How do you like your hope and change so far? They all like to lay it at the feet of Obama or Bush. I lay it at the feet of them all and desire to rid myself of these elitist parasites forever. Is there any person amongst them, our government, who deserves to lead us? If this is a job, serving us, then we should fire them. All of them. Remember this when you vote.


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