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Awaiting A Statement From the Chair of the California Young Republicans

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Today has been an interesting day. I've learned quite a bit about local politics and the players within. After reading a simple post on a local radio personality's Facebook page, I began to fall head first into what, at least in the world of California Young Republicans, is a big story. The first link I followed was to the Young Republican National Federation statement on the California Young Republican's recent elections for state office. The statement started of well enough, but ended with a statement which seems fishy to me. The section in question is:
"We are very hopeful that this matter will not further devolve into yet another example of YRs beating each other over the head with bylaws and rules..."
Maybe I am wrong here, and feel free to correct me below, but aren't bylaws the structure in place by which the YR's govern themselves? I mean if we are to throw out the bylaws in search of an 'amicable' solution, then I declare myself Supreme Leader of the National Young Republicans, and as such will be leader for the rest of my natural born life. I further decree that I and only I have the power to appoint state party chairs. This obviously is hyperbole, but you catch my drift. Of course, I do not know what the motives of the YRNF are, nor do I claim to understand why they worded their statement in such a way, I am merely pointing out the interesting choice of words.

After reading the statement from the YRNF, I did a Google search for anything and everything I could find on the contested CYR election. Inevitably I found some very inflammatory blog posts purporting to ascribe motives for the actions of the parties involved. Even more interesting is that when I contacted several members of the CYR's and the KCYR's, I found that no one contacted them before writing about this story.

The question is then begged, who is writing about this? I'm glad you asked! Follow along.

Gretchen Wenner is a staff writer for the Bakersfield Californian and is what would be called in this day and age, a real reporter. She penned this blog post, over at the Californian, covering the happenings. Wenner quotes from the YRNF, and uses statements from Jennifer Rodriguez, the current/former CYR Chair, but has made no attempt to get a statement from any of the KCYR's she mentions by name. I thought reporters were supposed to present both sides of a story? She is also sure to include the ominous 'Abernathy link.' Abernathy, more specifically, is a gentleman by the name of Mark Abernathy who is a political consultant and has worked with several high profile local politicians. He's also linked with a former Congressman from this area, Bill Thomas, who was involved in an interparty spat nearly 15 years ago which, according to this Flash Report, caused the split of the California Young Republicans forming the secondary group the Young Republican Federation of California.

Jon Fleischman is the editor of the 'Flash Report,' a conservative website covering California Political News and the "elected Vice Chairman, South of the California Republican Party." He is also head of the Fleischman Consulting Group. Jon was affiliated with the Don Rogers group which waged a bitter war with the Bill Thomas camp for the control and direction of the YR's and CA state GOP back in the mid 1990's, see the appropriate comment by Vic Pollard at this post. Apparently, Mr. Fleischman still holds a grudge against Kern County, and the members of the KCYR's. I wont make any statements as to Mr. Fleischman's character, but you can learn more about him from his websites, which are linked, as well as the Orange Juice blog, linked here.

Bill Lind is the head coordinator of the Bakersfield/Kern County Tea Party Patriots. You can read more about Bill in this article from the Bakersfield Californian. From reading through Bill's blog postings strewn across the internet, Bill has a problem with those he deems to be 'Moderate Republicans.' He claims to be concerned with the 'self serving Kern County Young Republican Leadership' getting in the way of reuniting the two Young Republican groups within California in the interest of forming one strong conservative group of young activists. Bill points to a statement from the recently elected chair of the Young Republican Federation of California, Adam Abrahms, which states that the CYR's and the YRFC's have been in discussions to reunite the two groups. However, seemingly unable to let the past differences go, Mr. Abrahms again points out that his problem is with some 'self serving moderates' in Kern County.'  Sounds like he really is striving for reunification, no?

The Bloodhound is a blogger at Red County and has a similar disdain for those they see as moderates. The Bloodhound has gone as far as to accuse Congressman Kevin McCarthy of having been behind the recent elections, which they proclaim to be 'immature and disloyal actions.' I am not sure what the identity of The Bloodhound is, but they seem to have very similar interests and biases to those of Mr. Lind.

Okay, so now that we know who the players are on the 'media side,' let me ask some pointed questions...

  • What makes the actions of these CYR's wrong? 
  •  Do any of these 'media' personnel have a copy of the CYR bylaws?  If not, how do they know the actions of these clubs and members were outside of what the bylaws allowed?
  • Why has no one involved in reporting on this story, other than myself, attempted to contact any members of these organizations?
  • Why is there a rumor floating around within the CYR ranks that Jenniffer Rodriguez has lost the support of a vast majority of the CYR Board?  Why hasn't anyone else reported this?
  • Kern, Kings, Fresno, Monterey, Sacramento, Tulare and Los Angeles County clubs were all represented at the recent meeting in Sacramento; what legitimate CYR groups were not represented there?  Why?
  • How many clubs and/or members must be present to have an election qualify as legitimate?
  • It's been asserted that Jenniffer Rodriguez has been operating outside of the CYR bylaws.  If this is the case, what is the procedure for removal of her title and position within the CYR's?
Continue to tune in! As soon as I have statements from those involved, I will update the story.  If you have something to add, or if I am in need of correction, please feel free to notify me either through the comments below, or via email.

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