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Controversy Within the Young California Republicans

Back at the beginning of December, the California Young Republicans gathered at their annual convention in Sacramento, California in order to elect their State Officers. The following YR's were elected to the following positions:

Chairman Andy Stanley (Kern County)
Executive Vice Chairman Amanda Richardson (Monterey County)
Administrative Vice Chairman Tal Eslick (Fresno County)
Treasurer Ryan Dixon (Kern County)
Secretary Scott Raab (Sacramento County)
National Committeeman Zack Scrivner (Kern County)
National Committeewoman Dana Culhane (Kern County)
Communications Director Karen Elizes (Los Angeles County)
Finance Director Joan Silva (Kings County)
There's only one problem... the Chairman from 2008-2009, Jenniffer Rodriguez, has not conceded and goes a step further stating that no election has occurred. She goes on to say that no elections are scheduled until next year. Therefore, the CYR's have two individuals, both representing themselves as the duly elected Chairman of the California Young Republicans. The Young Republican National Federation posted the following message on their website on December 8, 2009:
This morning, members of the National Committee may have received a release from Andy Stanley who has represented that on Saturday, December 5, 2009, he was duly elected Chairman of the California Young Republicans, Inc. (CYRs) at that organization's annual convention. Jenniffer Rodriguez, who prior to Saturday, was unquestionably the Chairman of the CYRs, represents that no convention, and thus no election, of the CYRs has occurred. She further represents that the duly called convention for the election of CYR officers is not scheduled until next year. Both Mr. Stanley and Ms. Rodriguez represent that different persons now hold various offices within the CYRs. In support of their own legitimacy, and the illegitimacy of the other camp, both sets of individuals maintain they have each followed the rules of the CYRs and, predictably, that the other set has not.

The fact that there are now two sets of individuals who purport to be the leaders of the CYR organization is troubling and an unnecessary distraction leading into the critically important 2010 election cycle, particularly since California will elect a Untied States Senator, a Governor, and numerous members of Congress in closely contested districts. It is an unacceptable situation which will also distract from the work of the YRNF and undoubtedly trigger countless blind carbon copy e-mails to the entire membership list of the YRNF and likely well beyond memorializing every minute detail of the dispute. It will further provide opponents of the Republican Party ample fodder to suggest that members of our party are incapable of coming together to achieve victory. The leadership of the YRNF strongly urges the CYRs to resolve this matter quickly and in accordance with its rules, the rules of the YRNF and with Californa law.

Because the legitimacy of what occurred on December 5, 2009 is in dispute, until there has been a resolution, the leadership of the CYRs as it existed prior to December 5, 2009 will continue to be recognized by the YRNF until or unless there is further action by the National Committee or until such time as the matter is resolved by the CYRs. The YRNF will continue to recognize the Chairman, National Committeeman and National Committeewoman of the CYRs as it did prior to December 5, 2009 and no changes by either alleged leadership team will be accepted. Should any of these individuals resign, their replacement on the National Committee will not be seated until the matter is resolved. Further, if this matter is not resolved by the spring, it may be impossible for the National Committee to determine whether the CYRs have submitted a full and complete state survey and ultimately compromise their charter as the recognized organization of Young Republicans in California.

We are very hopeful that this matter will not further devolve into yet another example of YRs beating each other over the head with bylaws and rules - and also that the spirit of the holiday season will encourage all sides to come together and reach an amicable resolution.

For it's part, the California Republican Party website recognizes the CYR organization and has Jenniffer Rodriguez listed as Chair. The CA GOP website also links to the CYR website which outlines the recent election of the new officers. The state party, however, has made no statement regarding the election, and contested leadership within the Young Republicans.

In my searching for information on the topic, I have found only one 'article' relating to the subject, which accuses the members of the Kern County Young Republicans of attempting to hijack the organization and consolidate control within their local chapter. One prominent politician, Congressman Kevin McCarthy, and a politically connected businessman, Mark Abernathy, are also said to be involved in the 'attempted coup.' I have personally requested a statement from three members of the KCYR's; Chairman Bryan Williams, NME Chair Andy Stanley, Vice Chair Dana Culhane, and am currently awaiting a response. I will update the blog as soon as I have more information.

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Skunkfeathers on December 15, 2009 at 4:39 AM said...

Ya gotta lurve politics and the thirst for power at any price. At a time when Democraps are prepared to fall on their swords -- delusionally thinking they can lie and buy their way out of electoral disaster -- Republicans are trying to snatch defeat from victory.

What ever happened to keeping ones' eyes on the ball?

But that's Califorlornia fer ye..

classicaliberal on December 15, 2009 at 10:28 AM said...


I learned this morning that there is quite the back story to this whole sordid affair. I promised my source to wait for a coming statement from the Kern County Young Republicans and possibly a statement from Andy Stanley, himself. As soon as I know, you will know the latest.

Stay tuned!

innominatus on December 15, 2009 at 3:51 PM said...

>>>...there is quite the back story to this whole sordid affair.

Sounds like a Tiger Woods headline.

classicaliberal on December 17, 2009 at 11:37 PM said...

Innominatus, I may not be able to drive a golf ball 300 yards, but at least I can back out of my drive way without my wife hitting me in the face with a golf club...

Thank you! I'll be here all week. Try the fish, it's excellent and be sure to tip your waitress!

Anonymous said...

Wait, let’s hold on a second here. At some point you must step back and really dissect the situation impartially. Since Jenniffer Rodriguez has taken over CYR, she has only built two clubs: Silicon Valley and San Mateo. Both were done without any help from Jenniffer. She did not seek them out, or help them at all to create the group; they did it on their own, with little assistance from her.

Jenniffer has caused nothing but problems since being involved in CYR’s. We all remember her appointing the delegate Dave Fennel, who ran, unsuccessfully, against CRP Chairman Ron Neihring. Jenniffer allowed Dave Fennel to use the name of California Young Republicans in order to promote his candidacy.

The drama filled jenniffer does not stop there, in her current fight against the majority of her board who are against her; she is now trying to merge both YR groups in order to save her chairmanship. It is not, by any means, Kern County vs. Jenniffer. Members of Tulare, Kern, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and others oppose Jenniffer. Not to mention, the vast majority of her board are also against her, including members from Tulare and San Francisco. Jenniffer’s only support on her board include her best friend from college, Calli “Not So” Little, who is the Southern Regional Director of an area which, get this… has ZERO Young Republican clubs. How does that happen? Her other two supporters include another one of Jenniffer’s close friends, Angie Meyer, who is no longer involved in Politics and also lives in Southern California (again an area with no clubs), and a minion to her boyfriend, Rohit Joy. Other than that, no one supports Jenniffer in CYR.

There has been little advancement in CYR since Jenniffer has taken over. Although she may be politically savvy, she is a detriment to not only Young Republicans, but the Republican Party in general.


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