Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chris Matthews Arbiter of Fair and Balanced

Chris Matthews seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. Apparently Chris is unfamiliar with the programming on Fox, as well as his own network, Ms.NBC:

When Chris is referring to the debate on his own network, conceivably he's referring to Morning Joe. I couldn't tell you which show on CNN he's referring to, but it's certainly not Rick Sanchez's show. He's still trying to figure out what meters are in English. The assertion, however, that there is no debate on Fox News is absurd. All of the major hosts on Fox, except possibly Glenn Beck have regular contributors who are from the other side of the isle.
  • Hannity has 'The Great American Panel' on every show, and the left is always represented on the panel.
  • O'Reilly consistently has contributors on who take the other side of the issues he's discussing, so he can go thermonuclear on them.
  • Greta Van Sustren herself asked Michael Steele why the GOP didn't address 'health care reform' while they were in power.
  • Juan Williams is a regular contributor to several Fox shows, as are Bob Beckel and Geraldo Rivera
  • And for the record, I wouldn't exactly call this guy a rabid, gun toting conservative.
It's an old trick in the ratings business; when you're on the bottom you attack the guy on the top hoping that he'll respond and drive some viewers your direction. Keep your fingers crossed, Chris.

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