Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Have You Heard The One About...

GoldLeadfinger, he's the man, the man with the Midas deadly touch.

The Olympic Medal Committee today withdrew Downhill Skier Lindsey Vonn's gold medal and awarded it to President Obama. Turns out President Obama is going downhill faster than anyone in history.

Okay, the joke may be a little lame, but in the context of this next story, it's hilarious. President Obama is threatening to remove his support from Democrats who are wavering on their support for 'health care reform.' Said one anonymous Democrat:
"Stop... oh please... it hurts... Take it back..."
It seems that Midas Obama has the golden, er lead touch. In each of the last several elections, every candidate that he's backed has gone on to lose the election. In case you are keeping count, here is a short list from memory:
  • Creigh Deeds
  • John Corzine
  • Martha Coakley
  • Bill Owens*
Recently, Obama made an appearance in Las Vegas, where he made mention of Harry Reid no less than 4 times. In polling afterward, Nevadans said they were 17% less likely to vote for Reid after the President's visit.

The reality is that the best thing Democrats can do to provide some sort of help to their reelection campaigns in November is to run as fast as they can from the 'health care reform' legislation. Conceivably, Democrats who take a stand against 'health care reform' and the so-called 'slaughter solution have a chance at saving their seats in November, whereas anyone who embraces 'HCR' is doomed.

*President Obama did not campaign for Bill Owens in upstate New York. Bill Owens went on to win the special election.

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