Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Matt Damon, Douchebag

Is it time to start the 'Matt Damon is a Douchebag' club yet? If not now, when?

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Anonymous said...

Calling Matt Damon a douchebag is an insult to bags of douche. Damon is not curing cancer, saving a drowning child, standing watch over the weak while they sleep, or even educating our children. He is an entertainer. Meaning he is the same as the geek in the side show biting the heads off live chickens, or the clown making balloon animals at kid's birthday party. Only he gets paid an obscene amount of money to entertain us by pretending to be someone else. People chase him to get a picture, or have him scribble on a piece of paper. He has thousands of inches written about where he had lunch, what he ate, who was there, what he wore. While no one with the IQ of a house plant would care, that kind of attention, along with the bloated paycheck, makes some of these entertainers think they are special. That because they are waited on hand and foot by their assistants and toadies, and slobbered over by mindless fans, that they are 'special'. This 'special' position they occupy means they know more, or their opinion is worth more then others. Sorry, douchebag, but your opinion is worth no more than that of the person who picks up my garbage, or who cuts my hair. In fact, because of the servile flattery lavished on you by mindless drones, your opinion may be worth LESS. Everyday working people have concerns that you don't ever have to think about. You can go slumming, hanging out with your high school peeps or the 'common folk', but at the end of the day, you return to the rarefied air of the world that your celebretard status provides you. In closing douchebag, you should, like the monkey with the organ grinder, shut your cake hole and entertain me.


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