Thursday, April 29, 2010


It's been a while since I've done a good old fashioned link dump ala Paul Mitchell, so lets dust 'er off and giver 'er a go!

They're putting a wind farm, where?!?

Cape Wind Power Approved. Translation: Ted Kennedy is rolling over in his grave.

Majority believes Health Care legislation will increase deficits. Hope for America yet?

The State will take your property for the benefit of others, property which you own but are not entitled to sell. That's brilliant.

An expose about the government run monopoly everybody loves to hate. Since when is choice a bad thing?

Via Andy, why there's little crime in Switzerland. Now if they could get their shit together on the direct democracy thing, they'd be squared away.

Obama appoints a commission to investigate the idiot fiscal moves he made last year. Keep in mind, this is the most smartest President, evah!

Guess the party. New York (state) Senator hurls racist invective at colleagues. Has history of rage control issues.

Basil needs some advice. Help a brother out.

Love Story. Evil Clown and the Racist Asshat. Bonus, Evil Clown now on Twitter... Fair warning on the link!

Conundrum. Former President waffles between brief moments of brilliance, and long stretches of unhinged lunacy.

Email hacker could get 50 years. Sympathizers despondent.

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