Monday, May 10, 2010

Dammit Janet

Jaba Napolitano
No matter how hard she tries, Janet Napolitano is one fat bag of FAIL! Let's see, there was the 'The system worked' debacle at Christmas time, then there was the 'RUSerious the Navy has submarines that can help with the oil spill?!?!' moment, of course we had the 'Watch out for Vietnam Vets, Libertarians and Civil War Reenactors, they're super dangerous Report' and most recently the zOMG!! There's a flood in Tennessee (which started 9 days ago, but I'm just now getting around to a visit). One of her very best moments, however, has to be the 'one-off' statement regarding Fievel Shahrazad, or whatever the hell his name was. When she made the statement on May 2nd, clues were sketchy, but there was good reason to believe that he was linked with terrorist forces operating in Pakistan. Still this bloated bimbo waddled out in front of a microphone and attempted, falsely (again) to reassure the country that Homeland Security was all over this mess, and that we were once again safe. Hell, from the looks of it, I had a better chance at discovering this loser was going to blow up his Pathfinder by searching for clues digging on my tomato garden. But don't you fret, Nanny Janny's on the case! Tim Cavanaugh over at Reason suggests that it's time for Dammit Janet to go. Can't say as I blame him.
Napolitano's rhetorical slip is a little too serious to be palmed off with some linguistic woolgathering. She has made clear repeatedly that she believes people with Gadsden flag bumper stickers are a greater threat to domestic tranquility than out-of-the-closet terrorists who receive training and material assistance in foreign terror centers. She has been wrong about this every time, and she will continue to be wrong until Americans actually die.

This is an obvious politicization of her office. (Napolitano's favored targets -- health care protesters and disgruntled veterans -- are distinguished not by their propensity toward violence but by their opposition to the administration.) But if you believe in the necessity of a Homeland Security Department, every day Napolitano is in charge of it creates an actual risk to life and property. Napolitano has a positive burden of proof: She needs to demonstrate some understanding of how to do her job, or she needs to be fired, for the security of the United States and the safety of the American people.
Six Year Old Six Meat Buffet agrees.
Napoleon Napolitano!
And a load of others.

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