Friday, May 14, 2010

Read The $&#*@ing Bill!

Not only can we not get anyone in DC to read a bill before they vote on it, we can't even get them to read a bill that has become law before trashing it in the press. Please watch these two videos in order. Have a bucket near by as your brain may run out your ears.

The above video was taken on April 28th, shortly after the AZ bill became law.

The above video was taken on May 13th, more than two weeks after the press conference in the CNN video above.

Holder: "It's a horrible law that will lead to racial profiling.

Congressman Poe: "Have you read the law?"

Holder: "Er..."

Yup, that pretty much looks right.

What does this tell us. In Washington DC, you don't need to be informed to give an opinion. Ergo, trust nothing that leaks from the pie-hole of anyone remotely associated with the most retarded administration in history. BTW, he wasn't the only one.

H/T Hot Air

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