Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ol' Whitey, Screwin' the Injuns, Again

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When will you white interloping, capitalist, free market, whores quit taking advantage of the poor red man and the land which rightfully belongs to him?! Leave the injuns alone!

Yes, it appears that the Tejon Ranch Company, which owns approximately 270,000 acres spanning the Tehachapi Mountains, crossing the Grapevine pass from the San Joaquin Valley into the Los Angeles Basin and stretching into the Coastal Range of California, is attempting to develop some of the land it stole from the Kawaiisu tribe, after it raped and murdered their children. Just watch as much of the following video as you can muster.

If you are still able to see through your tears, and can some how find the will to continue to live with your white self, then please read on. This is where the story get's good.

It seems our hero, David Laughing Horse Robinson is what we pale faces call a fraud.

Raped and pillaged from David's Angelfire Page

Yes, it turns out according to the Kern Valley Indian Community, which was founded in the 1970's by the Tubatulabal, Kawaiisu, and Canebrake area Indains with the goal of obtaining federal recognition, that David Laughing Horse Robinson "does not represent us... he isn’t the tribal chairman...," And, as it happens, most of the tribe has no problem with what the Tejon Ranch Company is attempting to do with it's own land, further, according to the KVIC, they have never owned the land in that site. According to The Bakersfield Californain, Laer Pierce, a spokesman for the Tejon project, said that the Tejon-Sebastian reservation was miles away from where Tejon Mountain Village is supposed to sit. So let's see, what do we have here? Anti-Capitalist agenda: check. Anti-development agenda: check. Oppressed minority group: check.

*Sniff, sniff

I smell a liberal agenda...

What else is this land most notably notable for? Why funny you ask, it also happens to be considered a protected habitat for the world's fugliest bird, the California Condor.

So now the truth comes out; not only are you a racist anti-injun, but you're a condor hating environment raper. How do you live with yourself?!

Here's a tip on how I am able to make it through the day: I just think about the countless rounds of golf I am going to be playing in the beautiful Southern California mountains, and how peaceful it'll be without the injuns whoopin' and a hollerin' and without all the condors trying to take off with my ball thinking it's a field mouse or somethin'!

Damn birds don't know it's my land?! No wonder they're almost extinct!

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Skunkfeathers on October 3, 2009 at 4:47 PM said...

Hell, all the faux'jun wanted to do was build a casino.

Can't say he didn't tribe...

*ducking boos and throwd tomahawks*


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