Friday, October 2, 2009

The God That Failed

Yes, this is probably the 158,746teenth post you've read on the Olympics not coming to Chicago in 2016, but I plan to do something different with this post. I'm going to rehash everything you've already read, and probably offer no new analysis. You're welcome! Hell, I even stole that blog headline from the 6th update of this HotAir post, and the picture above from Drudge.

As has already been pointed out, repeatedly, every-freaking-where, Barack + Michelle * Oprah = Chicago Olympics FAIL.

The SNEWS media was absolutely incredulous:

Allow me to explore my inner Maureen Dowd for a moment. I heard something in that clip above. No, it wasn't spoken, but I heard it none the less. When CNN's Tony Harris said,"Madrid is still in?!" I heard "Madrid is still in?! They don't even have any black people in Madrid!"

What's obvious to everyone here, including CNN's Tony Harris, is that the IOC is filled with RAAAAACISTs. Yes, so disdainful of the black minority are the IOC, that they chose to have the games in the purist white heaven of Rio de Janeiro, as evidenced by this photo of current and former Brazilian Olympians.

Of course, we all understand that it was never Obama's intention of bringing the Olympics to Chicago, because he's always 5 steps ahead of the Newsweek blog staff.

The Ballerina is ready to feed the naysayers some humble pie! Take this you Chicago Olympics 2016 doubters!

Turns out The Obama Father made the IOC an offer they could refuse.

And so, here we are. As NRO notes, out several million dollars in unnecessary Olympic gallivanting travel.
The cost of Obama’s trip will not be close to $1 mil. It is well over $10 mil if it is a dime. The figures you quoted (accurately) are for flying a VC-25 (Presidential 747). Presidential trips require both 747s, as one is a backup. However, the costs soar when you realize that from the moment a POTUS indicates he wants to go somewhere, dozens, if not hundreds of people start preparing every detail. These details include security, communications, protocol, logistics that boggle the mind and transportation that most people never see. Several Air Force cargo planes of equipment are loaded and flown to the destination with armored limos, security personnel from the Secret Service and the relevant military branches, fuels specialists, etc. A National Airborne Operations Command Post 747 from Offutt AFB, NE will accompany him to keep POTUS in constant communications in case of national or [sic]word emergency . . . We are now up to three 747s, multiple cargo planes and costs for personnel who fly commercial ahead of POTUS. If FLOTUS flies separately, add a C-32 (757) for her and her staff, entourage, hangers-on etc, with attendant security, logistics, etc. Add a few more million dollars, though many personnel in Denmark will cover preparations for both POTUS and FLOTUS.

Of course, the most important figure left out of the analysis above is the Obama's carbon foot print generated by the trip. How many polar bears had to give their life for the Olympic FAIL?!

Can we all agree, finally, to say, 'Thank you PeeBo!'?

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2 People Have Had Their Say:

Skunkfeathers on October 3, 2009 at 4:44 PM said...

It's turrible obvious that those IOC racists don't appreciate the sacrifice that 'shelle and Barry made -- on our taxpayin' dime -- even after 'shelle's and Barry's teleprompters told 'em so.

ChristinaJade on October 4, 2009 at 9:48 PM said...

i just gotta know...when is this guy going to stop CAMPAIGNING for stuff and actually, oh, I don't know, maybe take a shot at RUNNING THE FREAKING COUNTRY??

Ok, maybe that isn't such a good idea, but dang. Couldn't he at least TRY? I suppose since he won the election in the US he thinks he can win everywhere. FAIL!


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