Friday, July 31, 2009

POWIP:Random Outtakes From the Beer Summit

What it would have taken for me to care about the 'Beer Summit'

I lifted my favorites from Dan's post over at Piece of Work In Progress. You gotta go check the whole thing out, great stuff!

Gates: Hendrix.
Crowley: Clapton.
Obama: ZZ Top. What? What's so funny?

Gates: Don't look now, Barack.
Obama: Oh, ferchrissakes.
Crowley: What?
Biden: Hey, guys! What's shakin'?

Biden: There was this one time when I was . . .
Obama, Gates, Crowley: Shut up, Joe.

Crowley: Gotta go with tits.
Gates: Ass.
Obama: Arms. What's so funny?

Be sure to read the whole post, and don't forget to leave Dan comments!

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