Monday, August 24, 2009

Loser Doesn't Get It

That Palin hating jackass is serious! He's mad as hell and he ain't going to take it any more! "It is that goddamn simply[sic]."

Here are some of my favorite lines from his persuasive argument for universal health care:
  • "After the last few weeks of watching phony demonstrators disrupt health care town halls to protect the profits of insurance companies, after seeing the elderly frightened by our ex-Governor's lies about 'death panels", and after watching President Obama lose his focus and actually considered taking the public option of of the table, it is time to stop dicking around and to get serious."
  • "Take a moment to tell [Alaska Senator] Mark Begich how important it is that he support the public option and that you don't want your health care left in the hands of companies who pay their CEO's tens of millions of dollars a year to save money by keeping their customers from getting the medical procedures that they require."
  • "The public option will dramatically bring down the cost of health care across the board and cut into the profit margin for these jackasses, which is the real reason they oppose it so aggressively. If you don't believe me then just read this AP article:"
  • "A study by the Urban Institute public policy center estimated that a public plan could save taxpayers from $224 billion to $400 billion over 10 years by lowering the cost of proposed subsidies for the uninsured, while preserving private coverage for most people."
  • "So please do yourselves a favor, and the countless Americans that will benefit from our actions today, and make that call/send that e-mail/write that letter. Just think of how proud your children will be that you helped solve one of the biggest problems facing Americans today."  
This blog post is so full of FAIL, I don't hardly know where to start. Luckily for you, I'll press on none-the-less!
  • "phony demonstrators"
  • Granny with her home made sign is nothing more than phony astroturf! Quit shopping at Brooks Brothers, Nana!
  • "protect the profits of insurance companies"
  • I can't tell you how many "State Farm Rules," "Farmers Is My Homey," and "I'm Down With The Duck" posters I've seen during the unending media coverage of this issue. It's clear that protesters are only interested in huge profits for big insurance!
  • "Companies who pay their CEO's tens of millions of dollars a year"
  • Cause we all know you can get someone who is perfectly capable of running a 'Fortune 500' company for $67,000 per year. Pretty sure Jon Stinton, Sheldon Drobny and Anita Drobny are available.
  • "save money by keeping their customers from getting the medical procedures that they require"
  • Wild accusation, with no evidence to back it up. Time to check your facts!
  • "public option will dramatically bring down the cost of health care"
  • We're you born this stupid, or does it take practice?
  • "study by the Urban Institute public policy center"
  • Cause we all know the Urban Institute has no agenda!
  • "Just think of how proud your children will be"
  • As they are toiling away in some Chinese mine repaying the debts their parents and grandparents incurred but could not pay back.
Unintended moment of honesty:
"If we do not get this reform passed now there is no telling how long it will take before we will have the opportunity again. And after two strikes WHO in the Democratic party would be wiling to take on such a hot potato again? Nobody, that's who."
That's right, my fellow 'political terrorists,' we have the upper hand! Press it home, do not let up, do not surrender, do not back down! The result will be all too serious if we fail.

2 People Have Had Their Say:

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why they're all still so obsessed with Palin. It's strange. I heard she was offered a boat load of money to do a show on Fox. (Like Huckabee) Any truth to that?

classicaliberal on August 28, 2009 at 10:18 AM said...

BRH- I'm not sure. I'd heard that same scuttlebutt, however, have not seen confirmation. She has a great ability to gather conservatives together, and therefore would be a great asset on the campaign circuit for those running for office in 2010 and 2012. I'd like to see her do that.


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