Monday, August 24, 2009

Why Health Care Is So Expensive

Here's a decent video addressing why health care in America is so expensive.

About the only thing that I would point out is that without the initial expensive R&D of these drug companies, we would never have the generic's to purchase for less. Tort reform will work at reducing costs here as well as frivolous medical lawsuits. Also, anybody think these administrative costs are going to go down, once the government adds another layer or 7 of bureaucracy?
This surely can't make up all of the exorbitant costs associated with health care, though can it?

Oh. Well, that would explain some things...

Anybody think the costs Shelly mentions will go down if the public option becomes law?

BTW, how much is this 'single payer' plan going to cost us?

Hmm. What the hell are we waiting for?! Universal Health Care for all most some!!!

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