Monday, August 3, 2009

Joker Face! (UPDATED)

Please, no! Is Joel Schumacher directing another Batman movie?! He already ruined the franchise once before...

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No doubt in my mind, if he casts this @ss as the Joker, it'll kill the Batman movie franchise for EVAH!


(UPDATE) Allahpundit claims never to have seen The Dark Knight... Is he an alien or something? Way to reinforce that beta-male stereotype, there genius! Saith the AP regarding the Obama/Joker images:
"I think it’s stupid and was surprised to find that a bunch of other righties on Twitter agree. What’s the point, exactly? I didn’t see “Dark Knight;” was the Joker into socialism? Murder, mayhem, and deficit spending? Wasn’t his salient characteristic the fact that he was … a homicidal maniac? I realize we’re supposed to put nothing past The One but that seems a bridge too far."

To which, respondeth I, quoting the great Alfred Pennyworth:
"Some men just want to watch the world burn"

Peebo has made a mockery of the US in front of our allies, and seems determined to destroy our economy and 'return the nation's wealth to it's rightful owners.' He wants to see the traditional US burn. The Joker moniker is more than fitting, and a great way to marginalize the 0ne with a very simple straight-forward message.

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