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Evil Genius At Work!

Reg Henry

Please, do not follow this link and give the Pittsburgh Post Gazette any traffic. Apparently the Post Gazette has a special needs hiring program and one Reg Henry has benefited. Mr. Henry writes a column lamenting the evil genius of them damn right-wingers and their attacks on the pure hearted, and good intentioned Barack Hussein Obama. After extolling the genuine goodness of Mr. Obama he takes him to task for just taking to stinking long to think about things. Of course, it's the evil-genius republicans who are forcing PeeBo into this difficult spot. I shall quote from the dimbulb, below:
"This is where the evil geniuses (political) come in. The challenge for them is that old bugbear, reality. They are faced with a president who obviously wants to find the middle road and end partisanship and who is by nature cautious and good-hearted. In human terms, these are endearing traits -- and, of course, that will never do. Reality must be changed because partisanship must endure, otherwise evil geniuses would be unemployed.

The work of changing reality began quickly, even before the election. Almost in the same breath it was put around that not only did Mr. Obama attend the shocking Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Christian church for many years but also he was a Muslim, which would be a very strange thing for a Muslim to do. (When I go to church, I rarely see any Muslims). To sell this bizarre and contradictory notion took genius."

Of course Mr. Henry neglects to mention that Louis Farrakhan is a close personal friend of Jeremiah Wright, and that the Revarund often quoted Crazy Louis. He also fails to point out that Mr. Farrakhan is the cover story of the November/December 2007 issue of Wright’s Trinity United Church Of Christ’s magazine. So as you can see it's highly illogical to assume that PeeBo may have some Muslim leanings.
"The troublesome idea that the president is smart had to be turned around, too. Fortunately for the evil geniuses, Mr. Obama, while visibly tired on the campaign trail, stumbled and referred to 57 states, which confirmed the populist image of ex-presidents of the Harvard Law Review as Dumbos. A normal person would look at this and other slips often mentioned and just laugh but that would be to be underestimate evil and genius both.

The touch of genius is also upon the fuss about teleprompters (all modern presidents have used them) and unconfirmed czars (recent presidents have had them -- and, moreover, when experts were called to Congress to testify about this concern they agreed they were constitutional). Still, you have to admire the genius of those who tied people's knickers in a twist."

Do we really have to go over how smart PeeBo really isn't again?! I'm not going to rehash what a moron the POTUS really is. If you need examples, please see any/every post over at Paul's place. And the whole Teleprompter thing is sooo partisan and evil that even that bastion of right wing ideals, The Onion chronicled it's over use by PeeBo.
"The same can be said of the string pullers for the tea-bag protest movement. The very name conjures up the spirit of those who resisted taxes in Boston long ago, except that one of Mr. Obama's first acts was to pass a stimulus package that included tax cuts for most taxpayers. To make people forget about this was genius, sheer genius."
These must be the tax breaks Mr. Henry was talking about...

Of course, Mr. Henry gets most worked up, however, about those damn tea bag people calling PeeBo a Marxist Socialist!
"But in my view the greatest act of evil genius was to dust off the hoary stereotypes about Marxists and socialists and apply them to Mr. Obama, a leader milquetoast enough to confound any real revolutionaries.

And how can these labels have any sting in an era that thought it proper for Communist China to own most of our debt and produce most of our consumer goods? And how can they call health-care reform socialism when the public option barely hangs on? Genius, my friends, and evil at that."

Because we all know that nationalizing the banking industry and striving to nationalize the healthcare industry are bedrock capitalist principles.

I wonder if Mr. Henry has ever stopped to ponder why the Post Gazette is losing it's ass? The last report I can find of an increase in readership was while Clinton was still playing hide the cigar with Monica.

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5 People Have Had Their Say:

paul mitchell on December 10, 2009 at 8:55 AM said...

When anyone points out that Barry was in charge of the Harvard law Review, I simply ask, "Do you know what that is?" Of course, they have no clue.

It is a college NEWSPAPER. I do not give one flip if it is the greatest college newspaper in history. It is a college newspaper. Run by students at Harvard Law.

WV: "spyrma" I think that word should be included in the new guidelines for teaching eight graders sex education.

Skunkfeathers on December 14, 2009 at 9:22 AM said...

Hmmmm...three things are abundantly clear here:

1. Reg Henry is an abject libtard moron of the worst order

2. Reg Henry writes for Paul's paper -- the Cladipus Licker -- under the name of Dave Hampton.

3. Reg Henry writes for my local paper that I won't read -- Denver Poop -- under the name of Mike Littwin, another dope-burnout from the '60s.

paul mitchell on December 14, 2009 at 9:27 AM said...

Skunks, speak of the debbil, I am working on a new post on Hampton's "ideas" right this minute.

Anonymous said...

I know, I been away too long. I was in the can for assault. Anyway, I did a little detective work on this Reg Henry. First I suspected he was a Jew, so I started googling that shit. Why? Because I'm racist like that. He said he goes to church, but really, I bet it's a synagogue. Anyway, this is what I dug up.

"No users have been added to Reg Henry's friends list."

Shocking isn't it? He has no users on his post gazette friends list. I wonder why?


"Ella Booth wrote Discovery!!!
on Sat, Nov 29 2008 6:18 PM

I just discovered your blog sound like Andy Rooney ....Your Forever Fan."

See for yourself:

That makes me wonder... is Andy Rooney a Jew? I have to go, I think there is a Jew hiding under my keyboard! They're everywhere! Ihhhhhh!

In all seriousness though... what's up with the fucking menora all over the goddamn place on Fox News? Hey mother fuckers... NO CROSS IN THE DESERT NO GODDAMN FUCKING MENORA ON TELEVISION. We don't give a shit that the Jews own all the major networks. There had better be Crosses and Jesus Christs all over the fucking place on Dec. 25 goddamn it. I fucking mean it. I'm mad.

P.S. Happy Christmas. Happy Birthday Jesus. I'm taking up for you bro. We know who killed you! ;) I hope God has a sense of humor, cuz I really pushed the envelope on that one.

Is it blasphemy? You be the judge!

Oh, I took Rehab and 11/29 probation for $777 dollars in fines, court costs, and probation expenses. I might be away again as soon as January for the rehab. In the meantime... pass me some fucking eggnog and make sure it's flammable! I know, you're going to miss me.

classicaliberal on December 14, 2009 at 11:06 PM said...

Jesus, Jews and Dave Hampton quite the responses...

Skunks: D, All of the Above

Paul: Read your post on the Schitzo, Dave Hampton.

BRH: Double Yoo, Tee, Eff?! Start a Paypal account, and we'll see if we can get some donations to offset your fines... Alky


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