Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Glenn Beck Blows... UPDATED Massa Investigated for Groping... VIDEO Added

Glenn Beck blows it. What did you think I was trying to say?

I normally find myself in Glenn Beck's corner on things, although here lately he's run off the rails on a few subjects. However, there's beginning to emerge a disturbing trend with Mr. Beck. Is he in danger of being written off by those who still listen to him as some sort of lose cannon, pointing his 'framers' gun at anyone whom he ascribes progressive or communistic tendencies?

Glenn had Michelle Malkin on his nationally syndicated radio show this morning, and he laid in to her. Over what? Why over Malkin taking issue with Beck's decision to give scumbag, sleaze peddler, pervert, disgraced Democrat[ic] Congresscritter Eric Massa an hour of airtime on Beck's TV program. Some conservatives are concerned with the possibility of this coming back to bite conservatives who are not overly willing to distance themselves from possibility of this guy only using this as an opportunity to save his political hide. I happen to agree with that general assessment. I am afraid that the draw of the 'whistle blowing' democrat is far to overwhelming for those involved to truly calculate the risk of the destruction that will be wrought when the accusations of sexual impropriety are revealed to be true.

Is Massa a powerful voice because of the bribery, and politics of destruction revelations? Yes. Is he completely tainted because until the accusations of his sexual impropriety shot to the headlines nationally, he didn't have squat to say about the process? And because his sudden claims of being pressured are awful damn convenient? Yes.

Massa is attempting to use this situation to portray himself as a political martyr and reposition himself as a viable candidate by exploiting the right's voracious appetite for anything anti-socialized medicine and anti-Obama. He's done it before. He grabbed hold of the phony soldiers thing.

This guy is an opportunistic sleaze of the worst kind, grabbing on to any perceived public outrage and attempting to capitalize upon it to better his personal situation. Turns out Michelle was wrong... we are apparently no longer on the same side.  Glenn appears to be on his own. Want to know why you shouldn't have Massa on for an hour, Glenn? This is why.


Update: Too soon to say I told you so?

Update II: Apparently 'salty language' is not the only thing Massa is guilty of.

Update III: "Boderline paranoid"...

Update IV: Turns out Michelle Malkin was right. Watch it while it's hot, Fox has this recent tendency to pull their videos down quickly.

The full train wreck is here.

Update V: The story comes full circle. Complete with video.

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