Monday, May 17, 2010

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Side effects of stupid legislation that no one read.

Definitive logic, 9/11 is Clinton's fault.

Smoking gun proof that actors and liberal intellectuals are Raaaaacist.

The Left's war on free speech.

Breaking, Elena Kagan out. You'll never guess who's been chosen to replace her.

Not a Government take over... riiiight!
...Medical loss ratios-the rules that require insurers to spend a minimum percentage of their operating budgets on medical care—any higher, it would have transformed the health insurance industry into "an essentially governmental program." Today, the Washington Post helps explain why: In determining how to implement the new MLRs, the government has to determine what counts as medical care and what doesn't:

If you were a regulator interpreting the new requirement that health insurers use at least 80 or 85 percent of their premium dollars to pay medical bills or otherwise improve consumers' health, which of the following expenses would you count toward the quota:

1. Combating fraud and other overbilling by doctors and hospitals.

2. Running "utilization review" or "pre-certification" departments to determine whether the insurer should cover treatment that doctors have proposed.

3. Conducting internal or external reviews when patients appeal an insurance company's decision to deny coverage.

Insurers have urged regulators to give them credit for all of the above.

In comments submitted to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), which is helping the government translate the new requirement into detailed rules, members of the industry have asked for permission to count a wide range of expenses.

The BlueCross BlueShield Association, for example, has told rulemakers that its efforts to improve health quality include "reducing inappropriate and sometimes potentially harmful care."

In some ways this is nothing more than typical bureaucratic haggling. But the overall effect is to give regulators significant power to determine exactly how insurers will shape their practices and product offerings."

Confirmed: We've learned virtually nothing since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Worst Graduation speech, evah!

What right do you have to speak here? ¡No tiene!

Wait, what exactly has he been doing this whole time?

Ronnie James Dio: Dead, then not dead, then dead again.


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